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Fall Wine Festival Rewards
1/9/2012 1:48:19 PM

The Buffalo Sabres Alumni do many things for many groups and individuals. We feel a great deal of pride in the amount of ways that we help within the community.  Numerous of times we do not get to see the benefits and the impact we have made from our actions but we trust that good things have resulted. Although we know we are appreciated by the ones we have touched, we are always honored when we see the impact we have made or when we receive a letter of thanks.

On behalf of the Buffalo Sabres Alumni we would like to share with you the thank you letter we had received from the WNY Susan G. Koman Affiliate. 
The thank you letter is a result of being the beneficiaries of the 2011 Fall Wine Festival. The Fall Wine Festival helped to contibute the needed funds to purchase the bus that will serve the Western New York Region in providing better resources to detect breast cancer among women. The bus represents the first time a professional sports team has been involved in a project of this nature.

The bus, which will have two mammography units on it, will be staffed with breast health professionals, and will have ample space for private changing areas and confidential consultations. The bus will travel to locations throughout the eight counties of WNY in urban and rural communities where mammography services are limited or non-existent.
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