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4/9/2011 12:00:00 AM


April 8th marked the final home game for the Buffalo Sabres during their 40th anniversary season.  It was only fitting that over 80 Sabre's Alumni came back and witnessed the Sabres clinch a playoff berth.

Thursday night kicked off the weekend reunion with an alumni party in the harbor club.  Players had the opportunity to catch up with past team mates and meet the players from other years.  Some alumni members also had their first opportunity to meet Terry Pegula and his family, the people responsible for the weekend’s festivities.   Also in attendance was Sabres new president, Ted Back. Mr. Black made a very strong point that no matter how many games one played, it only took one to be a member of the Sabres Family.

On Friday night players were back in the spot light. It started hours before the game where each alumn had the opportunity to walk the Red Carpet in front of thousands of fans cheering and remembering their favorite hero's.  It made even the least popular member feel like a star.

After a slow walk on the Red Carpet and a few pictures and autographs, the members were escorted back into the arena where they got ready to be introduced in front of the sell out crowed.  As each name was called according to the decade they played, the alumni walked out on the ice and acknowledge the cheers and thank yous from the crowd surrounding them. After the last player was announced, Andrew Peters, the former players raised their hand as a sign of thanks to the fans and walked out.

The night was still not over.  The alumni then had the whole game to catch up on stories from other members and fans as they sat back and watched the Sabres earn a playoff spot.  The whole weekend was a complete success all the way around.  The current sabres were inspired and made the playoffs and the former players felt what it was like to once again be a Buffalo Sabre!

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